Due to its characteristics, wool is still the most popular fibre in clothing. It gives breathability to garments, allowing the exchange of air. Its thermoregulation properties keep the body warm in winter and cool in summer. It absorbs moisture then releases it in the air and is less susceptible to mould. Lastly, it is recyclable, reusable and biodegradable. Agents of MONTLINO CLOTH monitor the process of wool selection from merino sheep in Australia and New Zealand, countries of wool excellence where the fineness of the fibres makes it possible to obtain softer and lighter fabrics. Trade agents inspect the farms to ensure the traceability of raw materials and the condition of the flocks.



We are open to experiment; looking for innovative solutions that allow us to improve our products and services is among our priorities, for which we constantly allocate resources.

Opening up to new projects is a stimulus we do not wish to give up, thanks to collaborations with international partners with whom we share visions and objectives

Our strength is the people, their skills and knowledge, their passion and resilience that allow us to continue to develop unique products, which are our identity.



Today, the added business of the company is the “cut length service”: that is, the sale and distribution of fabric cuts at the best tailors, MTM designers & fashion houses.

The delivery of the selected fabrics is very fast, in fact, we are able to process orders in 24/48 hours throughout the national and international territory.

MONTLINO CLOTH is a brand now present all over the world, in Italy as in Europe, in America as in Asia through the diffusion of our bunches.

The distribution of the collections, created and realized by us, takes place twice a year, in January for the summer season and in September for the winter one: all the fabrics, strictly produced of high quality & luxurious fibres.



The choice of patterns takes place with the cooperation of our inhouse team with inputs from our team heads & customers as well.

The collection is the result of the experience that comes from a centenary activity and the passion of young MONTLINO CLOTH buyers who are able to offer their customers an ever-current collection that perfectly expresses the taste of elegance.

MONTLINO CLOTH has always been present in the heart of the most prestigious regions and has now become a fundamental brand for all who are lovers of tailoring and bespoke elegance.