Ceremonial Dressing - Black Tie & White Tie Events

Ceremonial Dressing - Black Tie & White Tie Events

White Tie

White Tie is the highest level in formal menswear. This dress code is required for events such as balls, royal receptions and other strictly formal ceremonies. This type of clothing gives little or no room for improvisation. Each detail of the vision is crucial and is more than required.

In the presence of royalty, dignitaries and officials, in the evening, men wear full evening dress, namely: tailcoat, white pique vest (only servants wear the tails with a black vest), white shirt with a broken collar double cuff and cuffling buttons, white tie – bow tie black trousers with double stripes of satin, black silk stockings and ballroom patent leather slippers. There is a white flower in the buttonhole.

This particular dress code is observed at evening weddings. In the day, as well as at prayers and funerals a jacket, light jacket, white pique shirt, gray striped trousers are prescribed.

The tailcoat, this successor of livery, is a type of parade jacket with a particular pattern – short at the front and elongated swallow-tail like brim at the back. The lapels longer and satin and trousers have tucks. In this prescription, the clocks are pocket. In the past, it was combined with cylinder and white gloves, cape and white scarf. The tailcoat is mandatory for official receptions at embassies and at the Nobel Prize. Invitations also note the decoration – medals and honors that the person was honored.

Black Tie


If the invitation notes Black Tie, Tuxedo – this means formal evening dress or tuxedo.

Tuxedo is traditionally black, highly open at the chest jacket with long lapels of black silk, worn only after 6 PM.

It appeared in the English aristocratic society initially as clothing suitable for smoking salons, where gentlemen retired, hence its name – smoking jacket. The shiny lapels allow the ash to fall freely on the carpet as it was considered a great indecency to shake a cigar over ashtray. It was taken off at leaving the smoking salon.

Today, the tux is a standard evening menswear. It is worn with a black bow tie and belt. If a cavalier accompanies ladies to the theater or the opera, especially if in a box, he surely must be in a tuxedo. Recommended colors are black, dark blue and burgundy, if the tux is velvet.

The tux trousers feature one important detail – the strips should be of the same fabric, which is used to upholster the lapels. The tuxedo is worn with black shoes, but in no case patent leather.


In accordance with the Formal dress code, men wear classic suit, preferably black or evening blue. In certain social circles Semi-formal can also mean Black Tie. But in general, thus the most unofficial of the official clothing standards is marked, because it gives more room for improvisation. A vest instead of belt can be added to the tuxedo as well as a bow tie in different colour. 

As a rule, Semi- Formal suggests white shirts with “sandwich” cuff and buttons, but also one can wear a black shirt with a bow tie.

Appropriate clothing for dinner parties or more formal business meetings where there wasn’t previously mentioned specific dress code.

At a dinner party one can be also dressed in colour, jacket with colored shirt and bow tie. In this case, the trousers should be in a different color, normally black. At an official meeting with business character a navy suit with faint stripes or discrete box is suitable. Also inky, leaden, anthracite, taupe mouse, chocolate brown fit. Again, a white shirt and black tie in pastel colors, with dots, American and English stripes and in no case with other figures.

The Groom

The wedding is a religious sacrament and one of the most important events in the lives of everyone. The ceremony requires you to pay crucial attention to the style of men’s suit that you will wear. The groom should feel exactly as special as the day it is to him.

The perfect wedding suit emphasizes the man’s silhouette and strengthens the individuality; it has luxurious radiation thanks to the high-quality fabric and is finished with all the necessary details and accessories which are the groom’s “jewels”. This creates a perfect vision showing a sophisticated style and elegance.

Each garment in the collection is designed to meet the requirements for a perfect suit. Following the wishes of our clients, we create the overall vision to the smallest detail as we take care for any necessary changes to ensure that the suit will fit perfectly to its owner.


Trendy Gentleman

Noble manners and refined taste are the hallmarks of a true gentleman. His natural habitat is among the high society where exquisite dinner parties, VIP events and elite clubs help him to present himself in the best possible way. He is always distinguished by his eccentric and at the same time impeccable clothing.

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